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Decluttering and Organisation

Visit and Consultation free of charge, then £100 for 3hrs or £175 for 6 hrs on the same day.

My decluttering and organisation service also starts with a video consultation and this is free of charge. We will discuss your requirements and afterwards I will give you a written quotation based on our estimate of days needed + the cost of storage solutions (it is not always necessary to buy new storage - just organise your space better).

We will work together when decluttering, as it is DIFFICULT! I will then reorganise when decluttering is finished, which I will do on my own while you are out so that you can have a delicious reveal! The decluttering days themselves are charged on a 3 hour half daily basis and include my disposing of rubbish and donating unwanted items.

Consultation free of charge, £100 for 3 hours, then £25 per hour after that on the same day. So for instance if we are sorting from 10am until 4pm it will add up to £100 + £75 = £175

Perhaps you can persuade someone to give it to you for a birthday gift? Please call to chat and arrange a consultation. No obligation.

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