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Residential Interior Design

Just moved in? Part way through renovating? No time to plan your interior? Or just stumped for ideas?

I will work with you to plan the perfect home (or just one room) using the furniture and accessories you already have if you wish, upcycling perhaps, or buying new items if you choose.

In my initial meeting with you, I’ll determine the project scope and discuss your particular needs, wants, likes and dislikes. I’ll develop a preliminary budget with you. If necessary for your project, I’ll bring in contractors and/or subcontractors for estimates. I’ll create design concepts and prepare a presentation, including floor plans, color schemes and preliminary selections of various materials.

Based on your feedback, I’ll modify and develop the plan. I’ll refine drawings and materials to communicate specific design solutions to you and I'll also update the budget details.

Once you have approved the design concept and we have determined an overall budget, I will finalize plans/drawings, schedules, furniture, lighting, finishes, fabric selections and all other specifications necessary to implement the project. At this time I will also submit more detailed budgets for your approval.

To ensure steady and efficient progress during these design phases, it is important to promote good communication between us and solid decisions by you. I encourage discussion during each of these phases.

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