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Styling to Sell or Rent

your Property

Planning to sell or rent your property?

How important is it to you to sell or rent quickly?

Every room or building has its own personality, and with a few creative ideas to minimise flaws and emphasise assets you can really make it stand out. To get the best possible price (and avoid having to drop the asking price) home styling makes changes to ensure that your property appeals to a broad range of buyers. We work with your existing possessions and avoid big alterations to enhance interiors and make the very best of what you have. We can advise clients how to achieve the best possible price for their property, and if required, provide practical help with accessorising and furniture placement. 

Probate Sales

Do you need to sell a property under probate?  Probate properties are often in need of repair, modernisation or renovation and potential buyers can struggle to imagine themselves living there. By making fairly cosmetic changes a property can be transformed and appeal to a much larger audience than before and obviate the need to accept a low offer.  We offer a range of services including consultation right through to practical help with sorting, removing and donating unwanted items, cleaning, tidying gardens and repainting if necessary so that your property will look its best. Finally, we can style with furniture and accessories in order to help buyers to see its full potential. 

Homemaking design

Just moved in? Part way through renovating?

Or maybe you are just at a bit of a loss to know how to decorate and furnish your home?

Decorating and furnishing can be overwhelming! we will work with you to plan the perfect home (or just one room) for you and your loved ones, using the furniture and accessories you already have, upcycling perhaps, or buying new items if you choose. We offer a range of services, from  consultation and action plan right up to managing the whole project, sourcing furniture and accessories, upcycling furniture and installing everything. Alternatively why not arrange for me to help a friend or loved one as a gift?

Holiday Let or Airbnb Design & Furnishing

Setting up a holiday rental?

Let us help you set up your property for holiday rental, be it a period cottage, coastal hideaway or new build apartment. The market has increasingly high expectations of holiday accommodation so styling to get the right vibe to attract people searching through listings is vital to beat the competition. Let me take the stress out of getting it just right first time. We offer a range of services from consultation, design planning with design schemes and mood boards, sourcing and pricing furnishings and accessories right through to project management of the whole installation.

Show Home Staging

Nearing completion on your new build or renovation?

Selling fast is the best way to attract the highest offers. The longer a property sits on the market the less likely it is that that it will achieve its ideal price.We would love to tender to stage your show home. Empty properties struggle to sell quickly because buyers are more likely to fall in love with your new property if they can imagine themselves living there, and a well designed interior will achieve just that. An empty property is difficult to fall in love with so we will stage your property to pull the heart strings of buyers. We will produce design and mood boards, organise furniture hire or purchase, source accessories, install for photographs and after the sale uninstall. Tendering consultation free of charge - including design schemes and quotation.

Decluttering & organisation

Do you dream of a tidy home where everything has it's place?

Whatever area in your home is causing you stress – over-packed wardrobes or kitchen cupboards, untidy bathrooms, playrooms that are a toy minefield, or just that weird space you’re not sure what to do with – let us to help you to clear the clutter, organise and style so that you can relax in a calm & peaceful surroundings. No job is too small, and sorting one room is fine!  However if you need to tackle more as part of downsizing effort or simply to simplify your life, decluttering an entire home is a big job. I'll help you plan, get creative and succeed! Alternatively why not arrange for me to help a friend or loved one as a gift?

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